Francesca le Stories 2

9 years ago



Categories: Punished Angels


The punisher spanks a juvenile darksome brown over her knees, whilst the black brown wails and howls in protest and pain. The red garter belt that holds up the youthful brunette’s white stockings frames the ever-reddening ass cheeks that display the results of her flogging session. The dark brown howls in ache as the punisher continues to slap her, and now that babe turns to a cane to do the job with, ratcheting up the brunette’s howls even louder. Briefly the punisher rubs the brunette’s sore butt with the birch soothingly, but then she resumes whaling away at her. When the brunette sees the punisher pick up a belt, that babe acquires to her feet, alarmed, but the punisher only makes her lean over the couch and present her gazoo to be strapped for a scarcely any blows untill the punisher deems she has had sufficiently.


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