Sarah Grogory

10 years ago



Categories: Punished Angels


First the juvenile black brown is spanked with her jeans on. Then the punisher pulls the young girl’s jeans down, exposing her heart-motif cotton pants, and spanks her some greater amount. Finally the punisher pulls down the panties, also, exposing the girl’s exposed butt cheeks, which that babe resumes spanking. The young hotty flinches a few times but does not bellow out or object. Abandoning her position over the punisher’s knee, the young girl is now required to stand facing the bed, lean over, and lean on the sofa’s back whilst her punisher delivers further blows with a cane. The juvenile hotty winces and flinches. Then the punisher announces another 50 blows and requires the youthful beauty to count ’em out loud, with which the girl none also happily complies.


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